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I was originally planning to do cardigans, camis, and tanks all in the same entry, but I decided against it. This was also supposed to go up on Wednesday, but some students decided to combine poorly with stairs and trash cans, and my day was a little complicated.

Cardigans, while I believe are awesome, aren't for everyone. Some people don't like them, don't like how they look in them, etc etc. Instead, I put cardigans in fashion tops, and camis and tanks shall go in the basics tags. Look at me be all organized! (You should see my closet.)

Tshirts, Camis, and tanks are a basic requirement in a working woman's wardrobe. Now, when I say this, I don't mean your witty Threadless Ts with cool graphics (...I need more Threadless Ts. Damn!). I mean plain, solid colored shirts to be worn under sweaters, cardigans, low cut dresses, and so on. You can throw a bright colored cami under a neutral v-neck tshirt, pair it with some simple work pants, and ta da! Easy, casual work day outfit!

I'm rough on my under layer basics, so I don't buy expensive ones. I'm going to go through them in a year no matter how well made they are, so let's go cheap with lots of color choices! I buy my Gap shirts on sale, I get my already super cheap Forever 21 camis in a bulk many colors.

I try and get a cotton blend in my undershirts. A little something-something to give it a stretch and to keep it fitted to my torso. I've got a lovely set of curves: I wanna show the suckers off! Modal is a personal favorite because it is like cotton except has more of a stretch and keeps it shape. Plus, something that is more fitted can double as summer wear later! Double and triple duty garments are the best pieces in the wardrobe!

I also snatch up more spandex heavy blend camis when ever possible so I can also use them as long underwear under certain dresses. My affection for cute dresses that my tits can pop out of at ANY MOMENT is almost legendary by now, and I like to head that off at the pass when I wear something like that work. I'm sure the students would be entertained, but the girls must be tamed.

Piece Rec
Gap's Favorite T-shirt
Gap's Pure Body line
Old Navy Jersey Camis
Old Navy Layer Tanks
Forever 21 Basic Camis and Tanks

Store Rec
Old Navy
Forever 21
American Apparel


(Anonymous) wrote:
May. 20th, 2010 10:04 pm (UTC)
As a fair warning, if you're really chesty, those Old Navy tanks, even in large, are going to show the goods in a HUGE way. I say this being a 36DD; I cannot wear those camis and tanks from there -- they're just too low cut and they show everything.

Their t-shirts, however, are comfy and wonderful.
thewickedlady: (Default)
[personal profile] thewickedlady wrote:
May. 20th, 2010 10:29 pm (UTC)
I've had the exact opposite happen with Old Navy, actually. I normally wear a medium, and I've had a couple run ins where that is just too small, that I couldn't even the top over my chest.

It really honestly depends on where a particular product is being made in how it looks. I've ordered multiples in the same camis, for example, and gotten totally different shirts that claim to be the exact same size and style. One was made in Korea, the other in Haiti. I've returned and gotten what I've actually wanted at no cost when that happened, as well.

Just like all big box places like this, it is a bit like digging for a diamond in the rough every shopping trip. Life on a fashion budget is always adventurous!

saramily: (fabulous)
[personal profile] saramily wrote:
Jun. 14th, 2010 05:51 pm (UTC)
Belated: thanks so much for the Pure Body tip!

I ordered a bunch in my favorite layering colors and they actually COVER MY BRA. Both the tops of the cups AND the straps. It is a miracle. An affordable miracle.


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