Wardrobe Revision - The Make Up Edition

  • Oct. 6th, 2010 at 1:55 PM
Long time no update, I know. New job, weight change, and a wardrobe reshuffle had me pause in my online blogging fashion efforts.

I've done an ENTIRE overhaul of my make up and facial routine. It was desperately needed. Like, I hadn't done a major update since college. Ahaha, what almost three years ago? Oh, self.

So, let's do some dirty details.

I wear make-up. I feel no shame in this. I do not feel I am giving in to The Man by doing this. Much like I never feel shame for wearing a skirt, I never feel shame or guilt for wearing foundation, glitter eyeshadow, dark eyeliner, or spending a half hour farfing about with my hair. I like what I do. I don't like seeing that big red zit on my chin when I look in the mirror, so I'm going to fix that. Some days, I feel like making my eyes look like a sunset, so I'm going to wear FOUR different eyeshadow colors. Plus glitter. I love glitter. The day I'm too old for glitter is the day I die.

This is how I roll. This is not how every one rolls. The mileage may vary. That's good! You should be yourself, not who society, your significant other, or peer pressure want you to be. This is why I have have blood red strips in my hair, a vast array of four inch heels, and a soft spot for glitter. I'm exactly the person I want to be, if still a few pounds heavier than my preferred mental image. I'm working on that, and I'm good. I blog because I want to share my adventures in self discovery in hopes other people will do the same.

I'm a card carrying member of Sephora. I buy A LOT from them. I get lots of discounts. I'm good with that. (OMG, LIP COLOUR SAMPLE SALES?!! I NEED TEN!)

I love samples. LOVE THEM! Part of the reason I love Sephora so much. Because I normally buy two or three things every shopping trip, I get loads of deluxe size samples. I always try something different when I can get choices in my samples. Who knows what I might decide I like!

One of my favorite things to do on a weekend shopping adventure is to go test out the latest colors and products to see what works for me. That's the big thing about make up: you have try things out, waste some time and money, to figure out what works with your face and body. That's a pain in the ass, isn't it? It's taken me until now, at 26, to feel like I have a handle on my every day facial regime. That's a lot of experimentation. Ug, annoys me when I think about it, but I'm happy to have found that middle ground now.

My current regime is this for every morning I put on make up:

-Clean with daily acne scrub in the shower.
-Moisturize with cetaphil daily and olay all day (I have VERY dry skin).
-After letting my moisturizer dry for a few minutes, I put on my foundation primer and eyeshadow primer.
-I apply my concealer next: I use Dior's sculpting and smoothing concealer in beige. I can also use it on it's own without foundation, if need be, so I don't mind going a little on the expensive side with it.
-My foundation is rimmel's matte mouse foundation or boots no. 7. Both are very matte and very sheer, since I don't need a lot of coverage, but I need to even out my skin tone and hide any pimples.
-Next is any eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lip colors I might want for the day. I use a mix of Urban Decay, Lorac, indie & handmade things, and whatever tickles my fancy.
-If I feel like it, which I don't always do, I apply bronzer or blush. This is a rare thing to do outside of the summer time for me, and I haven't done it lately to the point I don't know off the top of my head what it is I use. :O!
-Seal everything with powder! I use clinique's red solutions since I have some odd pigment issues. I like it! Some days, I also seal with Model in a Bottle, a make-up setting spray.

This sounds like a huge endeavor, but I take maybe ten or fifteen minutes tops to do everything. Most days, I put on everything through my foundation and do the finishing touches on during my commute to work (I'm not driving!). Sometimes, I don't do it until I am at work.

This is a new routine that I started with my new job just a few months ago. I'm really like it! I like my skin, I am pleased with how I look at the end of the day as well as the start, and I think I look more my age. ...even with all the glitter and crazy strip hair.

Stuff I Love and Own That You Might Like, Too

Laura Mercier - oil free primer

LOVE this stuff! I never really thought a foundation primer would help much on my face since I'm extremely oily. This stuff does wonders! I only have to touch up my powder at lunch and before going out for dinner. My make up used to famously melt off before I got to work in the morning, so I would just never apply until I was in the office. Not any more! I can do everything at home and it'll be good until lunch! Awesome.

Primers, like shoes, don't always work for every person the same way. I love Laura Mercier and can't use Smashbox, a product that I know works well for others. Just not me. If you're interested in branching out into primers, go try some products at the store. See what works, what feels good, what you like.

Urban Decay - eyeshadow primer

I use this every day, the bottle lasts forever, and it does wonders to make stuff STAY on my face. I wear loads of eyeshadow colors since I don't normally wear earrings or heavy lip colors. ...this makes sense, trust me. This makes it so I don't have to apply again all day. It STAYS. I was very, very shocked. GET THIS. In the plain skin tone, not the glitter. Try this first then branch out.

Urban Decay - eyeshadow

Own at least two of their colors. If you are questionable, try Midnight Cowboy. It's a glitter bronze that looks great on ANY skin tone. Eyeshadow and deep pigments are what Urban Decay is known for: try it, love it, go crazy.

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