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I love fashion blogs. Love them! I love to read every day ladies (and gentlemen!) dressing every day, having fashion adventures, talking what works or does not work for them. I steal color combination or looks that I like all the time. Just like with writing, you steal the best fashion from others and make it your own. I only tried leggings because I saw so many bloggers do the side over and rave about the comfort and flexibility. Now, I am a convert!

One of the big things I see all over my favorite blogs is the embracing and reasoning for having a much smaller closet. The argument being you wear things more if you see it easily/if you don't wear it at least once a specific time period, it's not worth taking up closet space.

I just don't get behind that thought process. It's not how I roll. I entirely understand those that like a more minimalist approach to life and their stuff. It's something that I don't do, though.

I have a huge wardrobe. This is helped by the fact I have a huge, walk-in closet, but even if I didn't have that, I'd find a way to still have a huge wardrobe. I like that. It lets me feel creative. I feel like I've got enough variety for all seasons. I don't have the storage space physically put away summer things during the winter, so I just rotate my closet. No, I physically take things out of the closet, push the current season to the easy to reach right side and rotate the previous season to the ever so slightly harder to reach left side.

I sometimes go in during the weekend and build outfits. I try on different things, see what the new additions look like against old favorites. Currently, I'm trying to find things in my closet that go with three sleeveless, a little short dresses that are solid colors. I need more printed and silly cardies! And sweaters! But I am forbidden to buy any more clothes until March. Accessories and shoes, yes. New clothes, NO. I'm on a health kick! Sizes are changing! (My favorite skirt is now rather loose and requires a belt. So awesome yet sad! No one makes solid burgundy, knee length skirts any more!)

Having a big wardrobe to go through sometimes means discovering things I have forgotten I had/decided I hated for several months. Example again, my favorite solid, burgundy skirt. I used to hate it. I thought it was too conservative and couldn't return because I got it on sale. So, to the back of my closet it went! I rediscovered it when I changed careers (and needed to have other things to wear to work besides paint splattered jeans and concert T-shirts) and fell in love. Look how useful it is!

I do this with clothes: I decide they were not meeting my expectations, hate them, then as I forget that feeling of dislike, I can come back with a more neutral eye to assess a piece's usefulness in my overall wardrobe. I have a limit, of course. If I haven't worn it in a year, then maybe I need to think about getting rid of that thing (I just did a purge with just that time limit), but I always keep in mind there is stuff that can only be worn during certain seasons. I can't get away with wearing my summer sundresses as layer pieces. They just aren't designed that way: even with tights and a sweater, too light to be warm. Some of my boobie-tastic strapless dresses can't double in my work wardrobe, even with creative layering. Can I climb over a 4 and half foot tall snow drift with any dignity? Nope, can't wear it until April!

The trend of regularly rotating your closet by purging it to its bones doesn't appeal to me. Some people like it because it's a nice reset button, helps them purge and feel better about things. That's awesome! I like my stuff too much. :D I don't really trift that often, so the lose of multiple pieces wouldn't get replaced for months because of retail costs. May be on the day I have some more time to devout to thrifting, I might change my big closet ways, but I don't think so. I like large parts of variety too much.


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