Want It Thursday

  • Mar. 17th, 2011 at 3:13 PM
Let's make a new thing! WANT IT! Thursdays!

Why are you $120??
One day, I will own this maxi dress. Even though I don't think maxi dresses will suit me, we shall be one. One day!
I tried this dress on in the store and LOVED it. Why are you almost $200? That is too much for a "no reason, it was awesome on me!" dress. ;_;

All Saints (US):

One day, I will own all the Hunting series from this store. I like this strange dress. Same here. I long for this leather jacket! LONG! I doubt this would be warm, but isn't this coat neat?

Forever 21:
I have such a Southern soul. The instant it is slight warm out, I want ALL the strapless tube dresses. Like this one or this one.

I adore Forever 21 accessories. Adore this little turqouise bracelet. Their kooky belts amuse me to no end. And these things.

One day, little tweed shorts! Why can't you just be a tiny bit longer?

GAP and GAP owned companies:

I have been stalking this Big Buddha Bag for almost six months. One day, I will buy it when nothing else convinces me that I must buy it.

My obsession with summer sun dresses continues.

Urban Outfitters

I don't buy clothes or shoes here. I only get accessories or things for around the house. Their shoes just never meet my standards, and their clothes are made for people that do not have my size of T&A.

But I do love their accessories! Scarves. All the scarves. And hair things. Love me some hair things. I stalk them in wishlists, and when they go on sale, I POUNCE.


All the tube dresses. All of them.
Flutter my heart!
Strangely drawn to this one.

Express is my other go to place for accessories. Like this. Or this insanity.

Betsey Johnson

Whyyyy is this dress apparently crap? I want it so very much!

Impractical but floral! :D?

I had to finally stop myself.

I kind of love online shopping.

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